New Pool Service Company Makes Splash

Pool Mgr. is changing the pool service business in a unique way. 

In a world where most business consists of “one guy and a truck,” there is a lot of room for missed details which can lead to big problems. 

Pool Mgr. has a unique concept: Three men with business management backgrounds have come together to form the most unique and up-to-date business format that the pool cleaning industry has ever witnessed while keeping the company casual and easygoing, like outdoor living should be. And priced right too!

“We just happen to be three business managers who have taken an interest in outdoor living rather than the cubicle. We have taken business management to your pool and relaxed a lot ourselves in the meantime,” said Bruin Kor. “We are loving the idea of being corporate managers of a business this fun!” 

With their unique business organization skills and “triple check” business structure, the trio is proud to announce the arrival of the most efficient and tech-savvy company that they say will “blow the competition out of the proverbial water.” Customers will have a dedicated pool tech along with a field manager, quality control manager and operations manager overseeing the seemingly simple concept of an average pool cleaning. This is important because quality control will be at the forefront with our unique concept.

Each of their expert technicians is fitted with an iPad linked to our cloud-based business platform containing all the companies’ resources, tools and information. 

Customers also have the bonus and peace of mind of knowing when a tech has arrived at their home-- and the name/picture of the tech, what the techs have found and documentation that the homeowner can save for their personal records. These records are both emailed and texted to the customer. Provided the customer chooses to receive information this way. Now, the customer can keep up with the techs in real time.  

“We are striving to make the pool cleaning and maintenance business as interactive to the customer as possible while maintaining three levels of quality control to ensure that your job is done accurately and professionally with the best value possible,” said Kor.

“We offer our first cleaning and assessment free of charge for new customers and we very much look forward to meeting you…our new customer.”